Pachakuti Mesa Tradition Apprenticeships

The Pachakuti Mesa Tradition is a cross-cultural shamanic lineage developed by Peruvian curandero, don Oscar Miro-Quesada. "Pachakuti” means “world reversal” and refers to the time of transformation we are living now. A mesa is an altar for self-exploration, transformation and personal growth in which we create a new paradigm of one’s relation to the Self and the Universe. This tradition, in all its richness, is an evolving practice of inner and outer activities that restore balance and harmony to our relationships with All That Is.

Autumn and Daniel are both Sanctioned Teachers and offer apprenticeships in this profound wisdom tradition. It not only educates participants in the utilization of the mesa as a healing toolset, but assists in transforming one's connection with the natural world. Take a look at Autumn and Daniel's latest Apprenticeship offering HERE!


Autumn is certified to teach both children's and adult yoga. The focus of her yoga practice specifically is spiritual union in connection with physical body. Over the years, she has developed her own practice incorporating the yoga philosophy of Patanjali  and Quechua shamanic tenets from Peru, called Pachamama Rising. Attuned to the medicine of the snake, Autumn's gift resides in a yogic process of transformation, shedding of one's old skin and bringing in a new, more amiable body. Autumn teaches both one-on-one sessions as well as group workshops.


Qabalah is commonly known as Jewish mysticism, but is also considered to have more ancient roots in the ancient Mystery Schools. The Qabalah Tree of Life is a spiritual techonology made up of a conglomerate of symbols used to attain hierophantic reception from the unseen realms. Through years of study and initiation via the Tree of Life, Autumn and Daniel have been called to bring the Qabalah out into the world in a more simplistic and user-friendly way. Stay tuned for Daniel's upcoming book called The Mystic Path: A Psychonaut's Field Guide to a Shamanic Qabalah.