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Shamanic Healing

The first doctors in human history were shamanic practitioners. They healed from the heart and for the heart.

According to anthropologist and psychiatrist, Dr. Roger Walsh, shamanism is "a family of traditions whose practitioners focus on voluntarily entering altered states of consciousness in which they experience themselves or their spirit(s) interacting with other entities, often by traveling to other realms, in order to serve their community." Shamanic healing is an art and skill that has existed since the earliest traditions of humankind, and can be found in any culture. It is not exlcusive to any one group of people, and its modalities are as varying as colors in a rainbow. Both Autumn and Daniel are trained in many shamanic skillsets, but primarily work with a mesa: a shamanic altar designed for transformative healing for the physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental levels of being.

Shamanic healing is the oldest technique of healing body, mind, and spirit known to humankind. An integral component of human history, it is the most intuitive and natural form of medicine practice. Shamanic healing involves tapping into the unseen powers of the natural world in order to facilitate wellness for the individual and community.

Autumn and Daniel incorporate a wide variety of techniques when serving clients, including but not limited to:

  • Energy Healing: cleansing and balancing the bio-energy field of the body, thus facilitating healthy growth of the physical body and mind.

  • Sound Therapy, including Drumming, Rattling, etc.: using sound as a healing and meditative device to relax the individual and realign the bio-energetic field of the human body.

  • Soul Retrieval: finding fragmented parts of the self that may be lost due to physical or emotion trauma.

  • Shadow Work: uncovering the repressed parts of one's self and assimilating it into a holistic unity with the rest of the psyche.

  • Divination: using ancient techniques of communing with the Unseen realms to receive images and messages of assistance for the individual. 

  • Journeying into Shamanic States of Consciousness: entering trance states of consciousness to travel to facilitate deep healing processes for the body, mind, and soul.

  • Herbal Therapies: using natural plant remedies and allies to assist with physical and spiritual ailments, including healthy dietary practices. 

  • Paranormal Investigation: assisting with inquiry and insight into paranormal and other unexplained experiences either in the home or elsewhere. 

  • Spiritual Counseling: assisting individuals in times of spiritual and emotional crises, facilitating processes to find find balance and alignment with one's true path. 

  • Psychopomp: helping departed loved ones to pass over to the Light that are still remaining in the physical realm.


It is important to note that shamanic healing is not a magic pill. It is a process, with healer and client as equals, together navigating the issues at hand and discovering tools for the client to use outside of the healing sesssion(s). It you are interested in a shamanic healing session, please Contact Autumn or Daniel or both.


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