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Autumn Sanctioned as Teacher in the PMT, and more!

Last night's Heartland Ayllu Autumnal Equinox ceremony was the place to be! One of the primary announcements to community was that Autumn has been sanctioned by don Oscar Miro-Quesada to be a teacher in the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition! Autumn has taken the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition Apprenticeship series multiple times, as well has done extensive work and training under the guidance of don Oscar, as well as with maestro curandero don Daniel Baxley. The Pachakuti Mesa Tradition lineage will benefit greatly from Autumn's integrity and passion for the Great Work, as well as from her shining intelligence and charm! Congratulations Autumn!

This announcement comes at an auspicious time as don Daniel Baxley unveiled to the Heartland Ayllu community his retirement from his spiritual healing practice and leadership in the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition. This full retirement will talk place Winter Solstice, December 21, 2016. don Daniel Baxley has had a full time healing practice for 18 years, after serving as a firefighter in Kansas City, KS for 30 years. Daniel, along with his beloved Karrie Marie, have been the hub of Heartland Ayllu and shamanic healing community in the Kansas City metropolitan area for well over a decade and their legacy of service is unmatched. Daniel and Karrie both announced that the "hub of the wheel" of the Heartland Ayllu will now be passed on to Autumn and Daniel of Lodge of the People, as well as their healing practice. Autumn and Daniel accept this responsibility with humility and look forward to serving community in a new way, honoring the elders that have come before us. Thank you, Daniel and Karrie Marie Baxley, for all you have taught us and given this community! Your legacy will forever be unmatched!


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