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Calling In Our Circle

We are calling our family in!

For almost a decade now, we have dedicated ourselves to the service of our beloved Pachamama (Mother Earth). Part of this service has included regaining sacred relationship with the natural world by performing sacred rituals of grace that feed both our souls and the soul of the planet. Another way in which we have had the honor and privilege of service is by facilitating group apprenticeships in these ancient, shamanic arts, most notably in the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition: Cross Cultural Shamanic Arts for Personal and Planetary Renewal.

In this modern world, we are often left disenchanted with life, feeling separate from the world around us. Human beings were built to have a deeper connection with life than what this fast-paced society delivers through its technology, expediency, and consumerism. Though none of these things are inherently bad, they have collectively gotten out of hand and most people feel lost and alone, often times feeling powerless in the media-driven cultural frenzies that bombard us daily.

What has been missing from the human experience for quite some time are initiations . . . rites of passage which support and allow human beings to come into their full power. You were born to be a carrier of medicine and hope for the world. For millennia, shamanic cultures have always known this and have developed archaic tools and spiritual technologies that support the growth of the human soul, reinvigorating the spirit so that one can live up to their fullest potential in this lifetime.

The Pachakuti Mesa Tradition is a global shamanic lineage in which anyone can be initiated into. With Peruvian roots, it has evolved into a cross-cultural heritage that encourages and fosters a united humanity, where we all act together as a universal family, children of the Earth harmonized for the greater good of all. Developed and brought to the world by maestro curandero don Oscar Miro-Quesda we (Autumn and Daniel at Lodge of the People) can attest to the deep medicine this humble, yet powerful man has brought to the world through this incredible apprenticeship experience. We can truly say that this Apprenticeship provides the missing link we humans need in order to catalyze our evolution to a new, more illumined level of consciousness.

The circles gathered in these Apprenticeship groups truly become family. For a year, we journey together though shamanic processes and initiations that have been passed down for thousands of years in order to attune us to the ancestral wisdom living inside of the Earth and inside each and every one of us. Bonds are created that last a lifetime, friendships that have changed lives. We would be honored for you to join us for our next hoop, coming up the weekend of October 4th - 6th. You can read more about the full Apprenticeship series here, or you can contact us for more information:

Autumn Moler: 913-602-1529,

Daniel Moler: 913-562-8792,

"The Pachakuti Mesa Tradition apprenticeship has provided me the space to feel safe, look deeper in to my potential as a human and healer, and to connect to my local and global communities at a more compassionate and heart-centered level."

- Brad E. Shawnee, KS

Come join the family and be a part of the change you want to see in the world!

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