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Amy Cheung, KS

Autumn was my doula for the birth of my second child, and my experience working with her was no less than amazing.  The way she supported me prior to the birth, during my labor, and after giving birth went above and beyond anything I expected. She brought in so many helpful modalities into her practice and made the experience so very warm, meaningful, and special for myself and my family.  In addition to the work she has done with me as my doula, she has also assisted me with other types of healing work throughout the years.  Her ability to be present, accepting, and to know exactly what is needed in the moment has been a true gift in my life!

Taryn Kelly, KS

I highly suggest embarking on the profound journey of the PMT Apprenticeship! This year-long “course” will change your life for the better; you will learn a great deal about yourself and look upon life with a deeper appreciation and universal understanding. Daniel’s passion, knowledge, and true love for the PMT exudes thru his teachings. His combination of teaching styles, tools, and interactive activities will keep you captivated throughout the year and sharply educate you on this divine lineage. The love and support you will receive from Daniel will touch upon your soul. His pure love for the work that he does and his overall compassion for his students is second to none.

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